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Keeping Charleston and Beyond Safe

Critical incident systems from HLS Technology Solutions play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of employees and customers in Charleston. By implementing state-of-the-art alarm systems, emergency communication setups, and other critical incident solutions, HLS enhances the preparedness of businesses to effectively respond to emergencies and unforeseen events. With advanced technology and strategic planning, HLS empowers businesses to quickly detect, communicate, and address critical incidents, minimizing potential risks and protecting individuals within the premises.



Our wireless emergency button offers businesses a level of incident deterrence and management that reduces expenses for costly patrolling and liability exposure while increasing sales, productivity, and consumer/employee confidence by establishing a safe environment. We utilize industry-leading technology and installation standards to ensure that your system will work when it’s needed. Our critical incident notification systems offer the fastest method for someone to get assistance from first responders, saving lives.

How? Our technology utilizes two radio frequencies that law enforcement and first responders already use to communicate directly with them, circumventing the need for the person in need to dial into a dispatcher and their information has to be relayed. These systems are already being utilized by more than 2,000 facilities across the country because of their proven impacts.


  • Instantly transmits detailed alarm messages by radio to law enforcement or on-site security
  • Sends e-mail and text messages to personnel without radios
  • Broadcasts alarm or lockdown messages over PA system and Digital Signage
  • Triggers access control system to lockdown
  • Brings up correct cameras on CCTV system
  • Switches on strobe lights or sirens


When businesses in Charleston turn to HLS Technology Solutions for the design and installation of critical incident systems, they gain access to customized critical incident solutions tailored to the specific needs of their location, ensuring comprehensive protection and a swift response in emergency situations. HLS’s expertise in implementing cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading practices equips businesses with the tools to enhance employee and customer safety, mitigate risks, and maintain business continuity. Our team will consult your business on the best locations to place the systems, how they will be installed, how to minimize your impacts during the install, how to utilize and maintain the systems, and so much more! Don’t wait until it’s too late, safety should always be a priority for every business.



HLS Technology Solutions uses a cutting-edge solution for critical incident notifications. The Wave Plus system provides wireless, real-time notifications to key personnel and stakeholders during critical situations. With its advanced features and seamless integration capabilities, The Wave Plus ensures swift communication, enabling businesses to respond promptly to emergencies and streamline their crisis management efforts. By incorporating The Wave Plus into their critical incident notification system, businesses in Charleston can enhance their emergency preparedness, improve response times, and prioritize the safety and well-being of their employees and customers.

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Protecting Charleston Employees

We’re proud to help install these systems all over Charleston and the United States for businesses of all sizes. We’ve assisted parks, hospitals, schools, and many others with the critical necessity of protecting their staff and customers.

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Ran all my cables flawlessly. Best in the business, 100% recommend
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Highly recommend! We requested a quote and they immediately provided one and offered to schedule an appointment the following morning. They did a fantastic job hanging our mirror and mounting our TV in less than an hour. We will definitely be reaching out to them again in the future!
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HLS Technolgy Solutions is simply the best outfit in the entire United States for the installation and configuration of just about any product you can imagine from televisions to solar panels. Tom Sansone and his HLS Team are top notch across-the-board. They are experienced, personable, and professional - and innovative - and their work (and the end results) are simply unparalleled. I highly recommend them for practically any project within their field of expertise. Thank you Tom and Brendon Edwards for your incredible service and performance. The value of your acquaintance cannot be overstated. Keep up the great work!
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Cannot say enough positive feedback on my experience with Tom and his apprentice, Brendon. Together they accomplished what we thought would be impossible to tackle without tremendous expense and going completely sideways. Oh the joys of an old home with a solid masonry fireplace - and no electricity close by… but, they made it look flawless! Thanks to you both… we are so pleased with everything!
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Tom was awesome! Sent him an email at night for a quote, he replied back in no time. I answered him the following morning and he was out that very same day to do the install! He was super fast and knowledgeable. We plan on using him for some future projects as well! Highly, most definitely, recommend!!!
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