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HLS Technology Solutions excels in designing and installing network cabling solutions for businesses and residences in Charleston, offering a range of benefits that streamline operations and boost efficiency. With HLS’s expertise in structured cabling, businesses and residences can expect optimized connectivity tailored to their specific needs, allowing for seamless communication and data transfer within the organization. By partnering with HLS for network cabling, businesses and residences gain a reliable infrastructure that supports the scalability of their operations, improves network performance, and enhances overall productivity.

Cabling Organization


HLS Technology Solutions takes pride in its expertise in designing and installing network cabling solutions for businesses and residences in Charleston, with a key focus on organizing the wires throughout the office space. By carefully planning and implementing efficient wiring layouts, HLS ensures that businesses and residences can enjoy a well-organized and clutter-free environment that enhances both aesthetics and functionality. Neat and structured cabling not only improves the visual appeal of the office space and home, but also facilitates ease of maintenance, troubleshooting, and future upgrades, saving businesses time and resources in the long run.

The benefits of HLS’s meticulous organization of wires extend beyond the physical appearance of the office and home environment. An organized cabling infrastructure contributes to enhanced operational efficiency and improved connectivity, reducing the risk of downtime and network disruptions. With neatly arranged cables, businesses and residences can easily identify, trace, and manage network connections, leading to faster issue resolution, optimized performance, and overall productivity gains. By investing in HLS’s network cabling services that prioritize organization, businesses and residences in Charleston can create a workspace that not only looks professional but also functions seamlessly, supporting their day-to-day operations and positioning them for success in the digital age.

Testing & Maintenance

HLS Technology Solutions offers comprehensive network cabling services in Charleston, including terminal testing and ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal performance and reliability. By conducting terminal testing procedures, HLS makes sure that the network cabling meets industry standards and functions seamlessly, minimizing the risk of connectivity issues and downtime. This proactive approach not only identifies potential issues early on but also enables HLS to address them swiftly, enhancing the resilience and efficiency of the network infrastructure for businesses and residences in Charleston.

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Cabling Perfection

Every project we work with needs to look great, be efficient, and be customized for the business and residence that needs it. Our team understands the impact that cabling and network design has on your company and home and we are dedicated to ensuring it’s designed to be perfectly efficient.

200+ 5-star reviews

After miles of cable installs and rewiring, read what our customers have had to say.

Will 89Will 89
19:04 28 Mar 24
Ran all my cables flawlessly. Best in the business, 100% recommend
Logan DunnLogan Dunn
22:42 27 Mar 24
Highly recommend! We requested a quote and they immediately provided one and offered to schedule an appointment the following morning. They did a fantastic job hanging our mirror and mounting our TV in less than an hour. We will definitely be reaching out to them again in the future!
Haddon AllenHaddon Allen
03:11 25 Mar 24
HLS Technolgy Solutions is simply the best outfit in the entire United States for the installation and configuration of just about any product you can imagine from televisions to solar panels. Tom Sansone and his HLS Team are top notch across-the-board. They are experienced, personable, and professional - and innovative - and their work (and the end results) are simply unparalleled. I highly recommend them for practically any project within their field of expertise. Thank you Tom and Brendon Edwards for your incredible service and performance. The value of your acquaintance cannot be overstated. Keep up the great work!
Mary GuberMary Guber
18:16 22 Mar 24
Installed and set up our 65 inch TV. Took care not to damage anything. Very professional and courteous would have Tom come anytime in the future very reasonable. Took the time to also explain how to work remotes
Virginia MurrahVirginia Murrah
01:23 21 Mar 24
Tom and his assistant Brendon are awesome! Couldn’t say enough great things about them. They have helped me tremendously in our home from, mounting TVs, hanging curtains, tedious pictures, shelving , and chandeliers/ fans. Tom is even building shelves for our garage for extra storage. I highly recommend them and a very fair price for all the work they get done within the hour! HLS Technology Solutions is wonderful!
Charlotte CanforaCharlotte Canfora
00:41 08 Nov 23
Cannot say enough positive feedback on my experience with Tom and his apprentice, Brendon. Together they accomplished what we thought would be impossible to tackle without tremendous expense and going completely sideways. Oh the joys of an old home with a solid masonry fireplace - and no electricity close by… but, they made it look flawless! Thanks to you both… we are so pleased with everything!
Gina CollinsGina Collins
00:37 27 Oct 23
Tom was awesome! Sent him an email at night for a quote, he replied back in no time. I answered him the following morning and he was out that very same day to do the install! He was super fast and knowledgeable. We plan on using him for some future projects as well! Highly, most definitely, recommend!!!
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