Here at HLS Technology Solutions, we are dedicated to you and all your different security and life safety needs. We can provide turn-key solutions, parts and smarts, consulting, design, and project management.

We work directly with end users as well as general contractors, construction managers, electricians, property managers, elevator contractors, locksmiths, engineers, integrators, event planners, physical security companies, and loss prevention specialists.

Let us represent your firm in a professional manner. If you are looking to expand into the security market let us help you on a commission-only basis

If you are a contractor you know what it feels like to have your brain on overload. How much time do you spend on researching things you know nothing about? Would you like to take that time and use it to be more competitive on bids? If so, we can help.

One of the most critical pieces of a winning bid on a project is your winning bid strategies. That is, the strategies that separate your bid from your competitors. All too often today’s bid packages incorporate security and life safety designs that can be very complex. If you don’t have the right information or the right budget included you can lose the bid. Or you can win the bid and get hurt later on because your paperwork said everything was included.

If you are spending your time concentrating on things that you do not know anything about you are wasting your time. Call an expert.
Don’t try to guess or assume what it takes to integrate security or life safety.

We can provide you with reasonable estimating and design services for the projects you are trying to win or up-sell. We will even help with the purchase of equipment and manage the project.

This is why we keep our overhead low and partner with local integrators across the country. The relationships that we have built throughout the years has given us the ability to purchase security and life safety equipment at rock bottom prices. Having a combination of 30 years of knowledge and experience, low overhead, great purchasing power, and great partnerships gives us the ability to provide services to all of our clients at minimal costs.